Monday, July 3 1758

In the morning Charles Diggens came over and took up a coat and some trimmings for Mr Porter; he stayed and breakfasted with us… In the afternoon my brother came over, he being a-going to Whitesmith Fair. He also called as he went back. In the evening went down to Jones’s, there being a public vestry. We received of Peter Adams in cash 8.15.6, and we gave him up his bond (and a proper receipt upon it) which he gave this parish to pay them the 18d per week towards the maintenance of a female bastard child born of the body of Ann Cain, of which child he was the putative father. The said bond was dated the 4th April, 1752; so he is now forever quit of the charge of the said child. The money we received was as under:

To money which Mr Burgess had paid before Easter for keeping it1.7.0
To keeping it from Easter till 7 years of age.3.8.6
To cash given the parish to take it4.0.0

Came home about 9:40. Thomas Davy at our house in the evening. Wrote my London letters.

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