Sunday, July 2 1758

In the morning about 8:10 Mr Thomas Scrase and his wife come to see us; they breakfasted with us and Mr and Mrs Scrase and myself were at church in the morning. The text in the former part of Revelation 14:11: “And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever,” from which words we had an excellent sermon. There was a brief read for to repair the groins and fortifications of the town of Brighthelmstone in this county against the encroachments made by the sea on that coast, which, if not timely prevented, will in all probability eat in and destroy the said town, several houses etc. having in a few years been swallowed up by the sea. The sum necessary for repairing and amending the present groins and for building and establishing new ones is £2250 and upwards. I collected on the said brief 23d, and 2d I am to put in for Joseph Fuller, 2d for Joseph Burgess, and 1d for Mr Piper, and 2d I intend to give myself makes collected in the whole of this brief the sum of 2/6.

Mr and Mrs Scrase dined with us on a leg of lamb roasted, 2 carp boiled, a currant rice pudding and green salad. Only our servant at church in the afternoon. Mr and Mrs Scrase and Molly French drank tea with us, and Joseph Fuller came in after churchtime and smoked 2 or three pipes with me. Mr and Mrs Scrase stayed till near 7 o’clock when we all went down to Mr French’s (except Joseph Fuller) and drank some syllabub. Mr and Mrs Scrase went away home from thence about 8:40, and my wife and I came home about 9:40. Sadly disordered all day, not having recovered Friday night’s debauch. Today John Cayley called on me and informed me that he would put me up as much butter as I required.

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