Tuesday, July 18 1758

…After dinner I rode over to Framfield. I called upon my mother, but did not stay. I then went and looked upon Mr Peckham’s wool, where I stayed and drank tea on account of the rain there was in the time I was examining his wool. I offered Mr Peckham 21/- per tod for his wool, which is more by 12d per tod than it is really worth, but he would not take it till he had heard more of the prices, being as I presume afraid he should sell it for 6d per tod less then it was worth. I think Mr Peckham to all outward appearances seems to be a very worldly man. Came home about 5:30. In the afternoon John Watford a-cutting my grapevine. After I came home, Mr Francis Elless played at cricket against Thomas Durrant and myself for one pound of gingerbread; he beat us 7 runs at one innings. This is the 19th day on which it has rained successively. In the day read part of The Peerage of England.

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