Thursday, December 14 1758

…Paid John Streeter in cash 3/11 for 1 pair silver clasps which he brought me from Lewes on Monday. In the afternoon my wife went to see Mrs Porter, and about 7:30 I went down. We played a few games of whist, but neither won or lost. We supped at Mr Porter’s on some roasted potatoes, sausages and bread and cheese. We stayed chatting with Mrs Porter and Mr Porter till near 12 o’clock. A very melancholy time–but little to do, and really no getting in of any debts. I cannot think what will become of me. Oh, could I be in some piece of business where I could carry on business in it’s proper channel! Then should I be siting in the sphere that is my choice. Not that I would desire to amass a large sum of money together. No, only that I might have the prospect removed from before my eyes of an approaching poverty.

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