Wednesday, December 13 1758

…In the evening made a will for my brother Will wherein he has given my brother John 20/- to be paid in 3 months after his decease, to Bett £5 if demanded in 2 years, but if not, to her son Philip, as also £20 more to him to be put out to interest by his executor and the interest money paid him yearly till he is 22, and then he is to have the whole. But if he dies before, it is to be divided between John, Moses, Richard and Sally. He has given Philip his best Bible, Common Prayer Book, New Whole Duty of Man and The Poor Men’s Help, or Young Man’s Guide. To me he has given all the rest and made me his executor, and I am to make the most I can of it and then pay his debts, funeral expenses etc. and then take £5 myself and any 6 books I like and then divide the residue between Moses, Richard and Sally.

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