Tuesday, January 9 1759

In the morning my brother came over and breakfasted with us… About 1:20 my wife walked down to Halland where she dined, myself and servant dining on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. About 2:30 Mr John Collison came in, and he and I balanced our accounts. We balanced the cash account, and there was due to Messrs Margesson and Collison 17.18.9, which I paid him. We then balanced our account of goods, and there was due on that account to Messrs Margesson and Collison 69.19.11½. I paid him on this account £23 and by sundry overcharges and returns £2, which together makes £25; so that there now remains due to Messrs Margesson and Collison 44.19.11½.

Mr Collison spent the evening with me, but about 7:30 word came that I must go down to Halland; so I was obliged to leave Mr Collison alone. I supped at Mr Coates’s on some cold chicken pasty, some boiled chickens and oyster sauce, cold tongue, some hashed duck, a shoulder of mutton roasted, a old buttock of beef and tarts, in company with Mr and Mrs Porter, Mr and Mrs French, Mr and Mrs Gibbs, Thomas Fuller and his wife, Mr Calverley, Mrs Virgoe and Joseph Fuller. We played at brag in the evening; my wife and I won 3/8. We gave the servants 18d. We came home in good order about 2:15. Mr Collison lodged at our house all night…

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