Wednesday, March 14 1759

…This day balanced accounts with John Browne and received of him in cash 0.18.6 in full to this day except 1 shroud, sheet and pillow which he had today, value 15/6; viz.,

John Browne Dr.
To a Bill of goods3.7.7
To coffin furniture had today0.8.10
Per Contra Cr.
Rec’d by his bill by work and cash received etc. included in his bill2.17.10
by cash received today0.18.6

We dined on some mutton broth, a piece of beef boiled and potatoes. Molly and Bett Fuller drank tea at our house. In the evening received a receipt from Messrs Margesson and Collison for the sum of 17.19.6, which sum was paid them the 12th instant by Mr Laugham by the order and on the account of Joseph Fuller Jr, but for my use. I accordingly took the receipt and gave Joseph Fuller my note of hand for the same sum, payable to him or order on demand.

In the morning walked up to Thomas Fuller’s to tell him I had received Osborne’s money. In the evening walked down to John Browne’s in company with Thomas Davy to inform him on a more strict examination of his account I found he had made a mistake of 3/6 to his prejudice. Came home about 9:45.

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