Sunday, April 8 1759

After breakfast my wife and I went over to Framfield on a horse of Thomas Fuller’s. My wife and self at church at Framfield in the morning where we had a sermon preached by the Rev Mr Thomas Wharton, vicar of Framfield, from part of Hebrews 4:7: “Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” We dined with my brother and sister on a leg of mutton boiled and a pond currant pudding (our servant at home dining on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with a butter pudding cake}. Neither my wife nor self at church in the afternoon.

We drank tea with my brother and sister and came away about 5:20 and got as far as Mr Bannister’s at High Cross when I could get my horse no farther double, but was obliged to hire Mr Bannister’s horse and son to bring my wife home. We got home about 7:40, but well drenched with the rain. I gave Mr Bannister’s son 18d. James Marchant went home with Mr Fuller’s horse and came back and smoked a pipe with me.

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