Tuesday, May 29 1759

In the morning about 3:50 I set out for Chiddingstone. I met my brother Moses at Uckfield, from whence we went to Forest Row where we breakfasted in company with my father Slater, he meeting us there. We then went to our tenant’s, where we dined on a baked mutton pie and a plum pudding baked, my family at home dining on the remains of Sunday’s dinner with the addition of some boiled mutton. We came home by Withyham where we called on John Hall, but did not stay. My brother and I parted at Hastingford… We Spent today as under; viz.,

At Forest Row0.4.4
Gave our tenant’s son0.1.0

all which I paid, and which is to be divided between us all; that is, we are all of us to pay an equal share. Then I paid 2d for the turnpike more, as also 2d for the ostler; and my brother also gave the ostler 2d. So when the expenses are all added together and divided in 4 parts, it is 17½d each…

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