Monday, July 2 1759

Paid Mr Holman 1.12.0 for 48 lbs wool received of him today. Thomas Cornwell a-gardening for me today and dined with us on some beans and bacon. Paid him 12d for sundry jobs. Paid John Elphick in cash 0.14.0 for 21 lbs of wool received of him today. Lent Mr Joseph Burgess in cash 2.10.0, for which he gave me his note of hand, payable to me or bearer on demand.

In the afternoon walked down to Halland with Mrs Coates’s bill, which amounted to 5.1.9. In the evening went down to Jones’s to the vestry where were only John Cayley and myself. Came home about 8:10. Lent John Cayley in cash 1 guinea.