Tuesday, June 19 1759

In the morning about 5:10 I set out with an intent to go to Maidstone. I got to the Wells about 7:50 and breakfasted there with my brother. After breakfast I set forward and overtook the team that carried my rags very soon. I went with them to Hadlow Common where I sold my rags to the widow Burtenshaw as under:

3 bags rags, 6 cwt 1 qr 9 lbs, at 30/-9.9.11½
Carriage of do.0.9.6

which money I received of her. Drank tea with her and bought of her 2 reams of writing paper, for which I paid her in cash £1. Finding the smallpox to be greatly at Maidstone, I concluded not to go, but gave Mr John Gosling in cash £29 and also my orders and then came back and supped and lodged at my brother’s in Tunbridge Wells where I arrived about 8:10.

[Manuscript mutilated] …day…dren…

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