Monday, July 9 1759

Rec’d of John Streeter the guinea I lent him the 30th ult. Rec’d of Mr Joseph Burgess the 2.10.0 I lent him the 2nd instant and gave him his note of hand. Rec’d of Joseph Smith in cash 0.10.6 on account. We dined on some peas and bacon. In the evening my brother brought my horse, but did not stay. Very busy all day and at home.

This day I saw in the newspaper that instead of our being invaded by the French, we have a fleet under the command of Admiral Rodney now lying before Havre de Grace which has burned upwards of 30 flat-bottomed boats and also were a-bombarding the town and had set it on fire in two places when the [express] came away. So we have a sudden transition from sorrow to joy. In the afternoon posted my day book.

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