Sunday, August 5 1759

[Vol. 50 of the manuscript is missing. The following extract is taken from the Sussex Archaeological Collections, XI, 203-204.]

I spent most part of today in going to and from Halland, there being a public day, where there was to dine with his Grace the Duke of Newcastle the Earls of Ashburnham and Northampton, Lord Viscount Gage, The Lord Abergavenny and the two judges of assize, and a great number of gentlemen, there being I think upwards of forty coaches, chariots etc.

I came home about seven, not thoroughly sober, I think it is a scene that loudly calls for the detestation of all serious and considerating people, to see the sabbath profaned and turned into a day of luxury and debauchery, there being no less than ten cooks, four of which are French, and perhaps fifty more as busy as if it had been a rejoicing day. There was such huzzaing that made the very foundations (almost) of the house to shake, and all this by the order and the approbation of almost the next man to the King. Oh what countenance does such behavior in a person of his Grace’s rank give to levity, drunkenness and all sorts of immorality!

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