Friday, September 7 1759

Our servant paid Joseph Fuller 3½d for 1 1b of beefsteaks which she bought today. Mr Thomas Tomlin, hop-factor, came to see [me] in the forenoon. We walked down to Whyly. Came back to dinner, when Mr Tomlin dined with us on some beefsteaks fried, a plum batter pudding and cucumbers. In the afternoon we walked into Mr Piper’s hop garden, as also to see Mr Carman’s and Joseph Fuller’s hops. We came home and drank tea. In the evening we both went down to Jones’s, where we spent the evening in company with Mr French, Mr Will Piper and Joseph Fuller Jr. I spent 9d and borrowed of Joseph Fuller 6d, not having enough with me to pay my reckoning. We came home about 10:20 very sober. Mr Tomlin supped and lodged at our house.

Rec’d enclosed in a letter by the carrier from Mr John Crouch the bill I sent him the 3rd instant, I having omitted (through mistake) to direct it. My wife in my absence today paid Ben Shelley in cash 0.14.10 in full for the same sum which he paid the 5th instant to Mr Thomas Bell in full for 3 stone 4½ lbs bacon at 4/2.

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