Saturday, September 8 1759

Mr Tomlin breakfasted at our house and then went away… Paid John Jenner the hatter in cash and goods [2].7.0 in full for 12 hate received by him today; viz.,

6 men’s hats at 2/-0.12.0
6 ditto at 2/60.15.0

Paid Mr John Gosling in cash and goods 4/4½ for goods received by him today; viz.,

3 aprons0.1.7½
 3 skins0.1.7½
6 throat hasps0.1.1½

Rec’d of Matthew Lewer 2/9 in full; also received of him 10/6 on account of Mrs Mary Virgoe, which 10/6 Mrs Virgoe agrees for me to make received on my account. In the afternoon Mr Thornton carried my wife to Eason’s Green in order to see a cricket match. At home all day and thank God very busy.

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