Thursday, September 13 1759

In the forenoon Mr Will Francis, Messrs Barlow and Wigginton’s rider, called on me. I gave him an order and then we rode to Framfield. I gave my brother one bill on Mr William Margesson value 6.19.6, which bill he owes me for. I went away immediately from Framfield to one Breach, a pedlar, almost as far as Horsted Keynes, to get a debt of his servant Lucy Smith, but could get no more of her than 2/-. I went home by Framfield, but did not stay. I got home about 5:20. My family at home dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner (as I did upon nothing)… My brother paid Mr Will Francis the bill I gave him today, which is in full on account of my late mother to Messrs Barlow and Wigginton.

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