Friday, October 5 1759

Lent Thomas Durrant my horse to go to Lewes upon. This day examined the sale of Mr French’s hops, which were sold by Tomlin and for which I paid him the money yesterday. I find Mr Tomlin has made a mistake in casting up the hops to Mr French’s prejudice of 5/3; that so Tomlin is debtor to Mr French for 5/3 more…

In the afternoon my wife paid Mrs Porter a visit… After I had shut up shop, I went down to Mr Porter’s, where I stayed and supped, and came home about 10:30. I hear today that Mr Gibbs, instead of giving the men any of the money he received of them yesterday on the bee affair, again stayed and spent the greatest part of it upon them, which I think was but a small recompense, and specially as it was attended with a worse consequence, for one of the poor creatures, not being used to drinking, being very much in liquor, happened to drop some expression at which the keeper took umbrage, and I suppose positively declared he would [be] his professed enemy.

This day Mr Delves was buried at our church, aged 68 years.

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