Monday, October 29 1759

In the morning Thomas Davy went for Dr Stone, who came along with him. Thomas Davy and Dame Durrant dined with us on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. My wife so very ill that I was obliged to send Thomas Davy again for Mr Stone, who accordingly came and paid her another visit.

In the afternoon my brother came over, and he and Dame Gower and her daughter drank tea at our house. In the evening my father Slater came to see us, who stayed all night. My brother also stayed with me till 8:30. My wife has really been so ill today that I did not see any probability of a recovery, though thank God she is much better in the evening. Her illness was a violent colic, the gravel and an obstruction of the catamenia.

This day gave a servant of Mr Thomas Carmen’s in cash 3.3.9 with which money he is to pay for some goods that he is to bring to Lewes for me tomorrow. At home all day. Mrs Porter sat with ay wife in the evening some time.

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