Sunday, October 28 1759

Myself only at church in the morning… We dined on a pig roasted and bread sauce. After dinner Mr Thornton and I walked over to Framfield church, where wo had a sermon preached by the Rev Mr Thomas [Wha??] vicar of Framfield, III John, 11: “Beloved, follow not that which is evil but that which is good.” Both at Framfield and at Hoathly we had a thanksgiving prayer read for the success with which it has pleased Almighty God to bless his Majesty’s arms both by land and sea, and in my opinion it was extremely well composed.

In my absence my wife was taken so extremely ill with a fit of the colic that they did not expect her to live until I came home, and accordingly sent for me by John Babcock, but as I stayed no longer at my brother’s than just drinking of tea he missed me almost at home. I came home sbout 6:10 and found my wife really extremely ill. Paid John Babcock 6d for going to Framfield. Thomas Cornwell, Thomas Durrant and Mr Thornton supped at our house, on account they had been a-catching my horse.

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