Thursday, December 13 1759

Paid John Streeter in cash 9/6 as under:

To 2 rabbits rec’d of him today0.1.6
To 12 ladles rec’d by him from John Cork0.2.0
To 12 do.0.1.6
To 12 better spoons0.1.6
To 4 [dozen?] tape0.3.0

We dined on a cold rabbit pie, as did Thomas Cornwell, whom I had sent to Lewes today for a small parcel which Mr Whitfield was to have brought me the 11th instant, and for which, and seeking after Mr Whitfield last night, I gave him 18d. I received my horse again safe today, but not all the accoutrements. At home all day and I think as cold a day as I ever knew. In the evening posted part of my day book and read one of Tillotson’s sermons. Thomas Davy sat with us some time in the evening, to whom I read part of Swift’s Tale of a Tub. Mrs Roase sent my wife a present by the post of a few whiting.

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