Wednesday, December 19 1759

Rec’d of Mr John Breeden in cash 10.1.3 which is in full for the note of hand he gave me the 7th instant and which I delivered to him, and he immediately burnt it. I stayed and dined at Mr Breeden’s on a shoulder of mutton roasted, a currant pond pudding and pickles… After dinner I stayed and smoked a pipe with Mr Breeden and called and drank 2 glasses wine with Mr Meechen and came home very sober about 3:40. Spent today 14d; viz., gave Mr Breeden’s son 6d, as also his servant 6d, the turnpike 2d.

This day Mrs Atkins in a manner huffed me pretty much because I would not cut her a Cheshire cheese at the same price I sold them whole. Now I affixed a small profit upon my Cheshire cheese, even only about a farthing a pound, by reason I would not cut them, so that if I have disobliged her in this I can no ways reflect on my own ill conduct, though undoubtedly I should be loath to disoblige any person, but still, if they will be angry with me when I am strictly speaking doing them justice, I can no ways prevent it. As I told her, on Saturday next I should have some that I would cut her any quantity of, nay, even 4 pounds, but those I have now by me being very large and old, in cutting one I must lose a considerable quantity.

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