Thursday, January 3 1760

In the forenoon my brother came over (in his road to Lewes) and I gave him 1 bill on Mr William Margesson, payable to him or order, dated tomorrow, 30 days’ date, value 18.19.0, No. 422, and I also gave him another bill on Mr William Margesson, dated the 7th instant, 30 days’ date, payable to him or order, No. 423, value 6.11.6, which two bills together make the sum of 25.10.6 and are in full for the note of hand I gave my brother the l4th of November last of the same value, and which note of hand I accordingly took up.

Balanced accounts with Mr Thomas Carman and paid him in cash 1.8.1 in full on my account; viz.,

Mr Thomas Carman Dr.
To a book debt3.15.4
In cash today1.8.1
Per contra Cr.
Rec’d 3 tod 14 lbs wool at 8½ per lb 3.17.11
Rec’d by cash paid Mr Stephen Juden in full on my account to this day1.5.6

Rec’d of John Jenner in cash 4/- in full and then paid him 12d for cutting half a load of bushes. We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. At home all day and pretty busy. Mrs Scribbens drank tea at our house.

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