Saturday, January 19 1760

Paid Mr Heaver’s son, the miller at Isfield, 6/4 in full for good received by him today; viz.,

To 1 bushel oatmeal0.5.0
To 2 bushels pollard0.1.4

Paid John Gosling in cash and goods 3/- in full for 6 pairs men’s out-seamed tan gloves received by him today. Paid Ben Shelley in cash 2.1.9 in full for the same sum be paid in London for me this week; viz.,

17th To Mr Thomas Neatby1.16.9
16th To dyeing a cloak scarlet0.5.0

We dined on some pork bones roasted in the oven and applesauce. At home all day and pretty busy. A very cold day.

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