Monday, June 30 1760

Rec’d of Mr John Gosling in cash 5.3.7½, which is in full for the rags I delivered to his son the 16th instant; viz.,

To 6 cwt 3 qr 14 lbs rags sold at 30/-10.6.3
Carriage allowed0.10.0
To 5 quires of paper0.2.6
Per contra Cr.
To 2 reams of writing paper bought for me1.0.0
To 4 lumps of sugar bought for me, weight 1 cwt O qr 15 lbs at 73/-4.2.9¾
Rec’d by carriage:
8.0.27 at 18d per cwt0.12.4¼
Do. In cash today5.3.7

We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner, with the addition of some green peas. My wife extremely ill with a swelled face, and a most excessive pain in it. At home all day (in the evening wrote my London letters), except just walking down to Whyly to see Mr French’s wool and not staying 5 minutes.

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