Thursday, June 5 1760

Balanced accounts with Thomas Fuller and paid him 5.4.1½ in full to this day; viz.,

Thomas Fuller Dr.
To a bill of goods1.14.4¾
in cash today5.4.1¼
Per contra Cr.
Rec’d by a bill of candles and soap   6.18.6

Paid Mr George Verral by his apprentice Robert Turley 1.6.0 in full to the 1st instant. We dined on the remains of Sunday’s dinner, with the addition of a bread pudding and green salad. About 12:30 we had some fine claps of thunder and flashes of lightning, and a small shower of rain which continued for near 30 minutes. About 7:50 the tempest came up again, and continued till about 10, during which time we had several loud claps of thunder and the lightning was very severe, but we had an extreme agreeable shower which lasted I presume 2 hours.

Joseph Fuller, Thomas Durrant, Mr Long and James Marchant smoked a pipe or 2 with me in the evening. At home all day, and thank God pretty busy.

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