Saturday, August 16 1760

In the morning rode over to Framfield but did not stay; came back and rode down to Halland… After dinner set out for Lewes Races, when the following horses started for the Subscription Purse of £50: Mr Bray’s gray horse Valerius; Mr Wildman’s chestnut horse Mickelham; and John Wadman Esq’s bay horse Ranter, which was won by the former, he getting the 2 first heats. The first was obtained with some difficulty, but the second very easy…

Paid Mr Faulkner Bristow 21d for 7 lbs raisins bought today. Paid Mr Thomas Friend 12d for 7 yards buttonhole-binding bought today. I met with my brother Sam Slater at the races, who came home along with me. Came home very sober thank God about 10:20… My brother Slater stayed all night.

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