Sunday, November 9 1760

In the forenoon my brother came and stayed during the time I was at church. Myself and our late servant at church in the morning… After I came from church I received of my brother in cash 39.10.6, which with the balance of 1.9.6 due to him the 27th ult. makes together the sum of £41 and is in full for the three bills I sent him the 3rd instant. Rec’d of Mr Joseph Burgess the 4.14.6 I lent him the 5th instant, and I accordingly gave him his note of hand.

We dined on a heart pudding and part of a chick boiled, turnips and potatoes. No service at our church in the afternoon, Mr Porter preaching at Laughton. In the evening Thomas Davy at our house, to whom I read one of Tillotson’s sermons. My wife very ill.

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