Monday, February 9 1761

About 12:30 set out for Lewes, where I dined with Mr Madgwick on a piece of pork boiled, a knuckle of veal and greens (my family at home dining on the remains of yesterday’s dinner). Came home about 6:20. Paid Mr Ed Relfe 14/- in full; viz.,

For a hand whip for myself0.5.6
for mending a surcingle for myself0.2.8
To two girths and a surcingle for Mr Thornton0.6.0

Spent upon myself, horse, ostler and turnpike, 5d. I drank tea with Mr George Verral. My brother came over in my absence and stayed till I came home, when I lent him my horse.

In the evening wrote my London letters. My wife rather easier today. I wish I could say I came home thoroughly sober, though in reality I was not much the worse for drinking, for I drank but a very small quantity and wrote 8 letters after I came home, but still my conscience tells me I had in some measure impaired the use of my reason (which I believe is not right so to do). Oh, the frailty of human resolution! But yet I hope through God’s grace to become more firm and settled in my resolutions and to act uniformly in all my sections. My wife very ill.

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