Friday, May 1 1761

We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner, with the addition of a plain rice pudding. Paid Ben Shelley…33.7.0 in full for the sum he paid in London for me this week; viz., the 29th to

Mr William Margesson32.0.0
Apr. 29th To Mr Thomas White in full

Rec’d of Mr John Morris 7/1 of which 3/8 is due to John Cayley for the poor tax for the year 1759, and the remainder, 4/3, was due to Mr Will Piper for the year 1760, which money I sent to Mrs Piper by our servant. At home all day and a very cold day. My wife, poor creature, extremely ill, ah, ill, even almost unto death. How do these thoughts afflict me; but let me trust in the Almighty Goodness, who is a present help in trouble.

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