Tuesday, November 10 1761

…After breakfast walked to Francis Gibbs’s, where there was a sale of all sorts of household furniture, stock etc. where I received of Mr Charles Thornton, attorney, 8/- in full for 1 year’s land tax due from Francis Gibbs at St Michael last… Mr Richard Stone sent me by his huntsman a hare, for which I gave his man 12d. I drank tea at Joseph Durrant’s. In the evening posted part of my day book.

Pretty busy all day, but how can I describe melancholy situation; no, I cannot. I no ways repine at the all-wise distributions of Providence, but yet through the knavery of some and the folly of others my situation is far from being happy, and who can describe the difference between the good economy of my wife in the prudent management of her affairs and what I now by sad experience find, and yet I believe few have more honest and truer servants.

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