Tuesday, March 30 1762

…After dinner Mr Porter and myself walked up to the dwelling house of the late Mr Will Piper where we settled the accounts of our trust, and I paid in the balance of cash in my hands, being 2.12.6. Upon balancing our accounts with respect to the trust deposed in us as devisees to Mr Will Piper, there remained a balance of cash in hand of 2/1, which I received and now am debtor for to the trust. We stayed and drank tea with Mrs Piper and came home about 5:30.

After I came home I walked down to Mr Coates’s, with whom I stayed and spent the evening. Came home about 9:30. In the evening we had a severe storm of snow; that is, a sudden fall of snow, which was a pretty large quantity, and also a frost in the evening.

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