Wednesday, November 25 1761

…Bett Mepham drank tea with me. At home all day and very busy all day. Oh, what a pleasure is business! How far preferable is an active busy life (when employed in some honest calling) to a supine and idle way of life, and happy are they whose fortune it is to be placed where commerce meets with encouragement and a person has the opportunity to push on trade with vigor…

Sunday, November 22 1761

Myself and servants at church in the morning… We had a brief read for rebuilding the parish church of Everingham in the East Riding of York, the expenses of which amount to the sum of £1100 and upwards; I gave 1½d.

I dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner, with some mutton steaks broiled and turnips. Myself and servants at church in the afternoon… Sam Jenner drank tea with me. Thomas Davy sat with me some part of the evening, to whom I read one of Tillotson’s sermons. At home all day.

Saturday, November 21 1761

In the forenoon gave Mr Porter in cash £21 in order for him to pay for our admittance at the court at Whitesmith on the 26th ult. In the forenoon rode to Lewes where I met with Mr Will Francis and Mr Richard Warriner, with whom I dined at the Star… I paid Mr Warriner… I balanced accounts with Mr John Madgwick… Paid Mr Edward Verral…

Came home very safe and sober… My brother came over during my absence and stayed an hour or two with me… Today I called on Mr Charles Gilbert on Thomas Davy’s business, who is to pay my expenses.

Thursday, November 19 1761

In the forenoon walked to a fair at Cross-in-Hand where I paid Mr Robert Noakes and Mr Will Noakes £100 in full for themselves and others who were devisees of Mary the wife of Will Piper, and is in full for their whole demand on the estate of Will Piper deceased, and I accordingly took of them the general release, properly signed and witnessed, which I wrote for them the 17th instant. I dined with them and my companion John Piper… Came home in company with John Piper and Sam Jenner about 5:20. Spent 14d, which is on the account of my executorship to Mr Piper.

During my absence my brother came over and stayed and spent the evening with me. A dull melancholy time for trade. In the first part of the evening down at Mr Porter’s, but did not stay.