Tuesday, November 17 1761

…I dined at Mr Porter’s on a sirloin of beef roasted and potatoes. My sister and Mr Robert and Will Noakes dined at my house on the remains of yesterday’s dinner, with the addition of some rashers of bacon fried. In the afternoon Thomas Durrant carried my sister home.

I wrote a general release from Mr Robert, Thomas, John and William Noakes, and Thomas and Elizabeth Vigoe to Mr Porter, John Piper and myself as executors and devisees to Mr Will Piper deceased. At home all day. Samuel Jenner smoked a pipe with me in the evening.

Monday, November 16 1761

In the forenoon walked down to Halland with some silver. My sister dined with me…and in the afternoon she walked down to Whyly to pay Molly French a visit. In the evening I walked down to accompany her home; I stayed and supped at Mr French’s on two roasted chickens, a duck roasted, cold ham, tarts etc., in company with Molly and Bett Fuller and two of Mr Porter’s servants. We came home about 11:20. I gave their servant 6d…

Sunday, November 15 1761

Myself and sister at church in the morning… During churchtime my brother Richard came to see me and he, my sister and Molly French dined with me on a goose roasted, a piece of pork and a chick boiled, a raisin pond butter pudding, turnips, cabbage and potatoes. My brother went away soon after dinner. Molly French stayed and drank tea with me and then went away. Paid my brother today on account of his master Mr John Madgwick 1 bill on Mr Will Margesson… value £20. Neither myself nor servants at church in the afternoon.

Friday, November 13 1761

I dined on a hare roasted, with a pudding in the belly. In the afternoon drank tea with Mrs Atkins… In the evening Mrs Browne sent to me. She wanted to consult me about some business, and I accordingly walked down to her house, Mr Long accompanying me. I came home about 9:20, Sam Jenner coming, home with me, who stayed an hour or two with me. Posted part of my day book; a dull heavy time.

Wednesday, November 11 1761

…After breakfast I rode to Framfield, where I dined at my brother’s… I stayed and drank tea at my brother’s and came home about 7:40. This day balanced the accounts between myself and brother and sister, on account of the keeping of Philip and the rent which my brother had received of James Knight for two years, due at St Michael last (0.S.). After we had balanced the accounts and outset the expenses attending keeping the boy, I received of my brother my share of the remainder of the rent.

Sure a duller time for trade I never knew, and what way to take in order to improve my little fortune I am at a loss to know, being so confined and limited with family connections and so tied down that I cannot exert myself in the manner I otherwise might do.

Tuesday, November 10 1761

…After breakfast walked to Francis Gibbs’s, where there was a sale of all sorts of household furniture, stock etc. where I received of Mr Charles Thornton, attorney, 8/- in full for 1 year’s land tax due from Francis Gibbs at St Michael last… Mr Richard Stone sent me by his huntsman a hare, for which I gave his man 12d. I drank tea at Joseph Durrant’s. In the evening posted part of my day book.

Pretty busy all day, but how can I describe melancholy situation; no, I cannot. I no ways repine at the all-wise distributions of Providence, but yet through the knavery of some and the folly of others my situation is far from being happy, and who can describe the difference between the good economy of my wife in the prudent management of her affairs and what I now by sad experience find, and yet I believe few have more honest and truer servants.

Sunday, November 8 1761

Rec’d of Richard Wakeling 1.2.6 in part of interest due on a mortgage to the late Will Piper deceased… Myself and both servants at church in the morning… I dined on a cold chick pie. Myself and servants at church in the afternoon… My servant drank tea at Mrs Fuller’s. Sam Jenner drank some coffee with me.

In the first of the evening, after my servant came home, I went up to Joseph Fuller’s, where I stayed and smoked 2 pipes. I came home and found Mr Thornton and Mr T. Durrant at my house, to whom and in the day I read three of Tillotson’s sermons.