Sunday, November 30 1755

In the morning I got up and went to Mrs Day’s to invite her and Miss Suky to dinner with us and breakfasted with her. While they were at church in the forenoon, Samuel and Nanny Slater went home. My brother Moses came to see us while they were at church and he, Mrs Day and Miss Suky dined with us on a hare, a piece of boiled beef and turnips and a bread pudding. After dinner Charles Diggens came in. Mrs Day and Miss Suky and my wife went to church and came back and drank tea. Mrs Day and Miss Suky went home about 5:25. Charles Diggens and my brother Moses stayed till about 7:15 and both went home a little merry. Paid for bread 2d.

Monday, August 4 1755

At home all day. In the morning about 6 o’clock Charles Diggens and Robert Rice called me up to take up a coat and waistcoat for Robert Rice. Charles Diggens took up a settoo coat for me, prime cost about k o c [?]. Paid for bread and butter 4½d. Marked up Collison’s parcel. Rec’d of Rippington’s boys 6d in full for a week’s schooling.