Tuesday, October 7 1755

Paid Richard Jenner in cash 3.8.6½ on account of Francis Smith, he being to pay money for me in town, and paid Mr James Hutson in cash for Francis Smith 2.11.11. At home all day and busy. Mr Richard Comber called and dined with us and stayed till 5 o’clock. Two women from Waldron drank tea with us. Rec’d of William Horsecraft 6d in full for schooling.

Saturday, October 4 1755

Paid for bread 1d. At home all day and busy. Paid Francis Smith as under:

for 4 red cabbages                 0.0.8

ditto 1 peck onions                0.0.8

ditto potatoes                     0.0.10


all for Mrs Day except 2 of the cabbages. Paid Joseph Durrant 7/6 in full for my window tax for the year 1754.

Tuesday, August 5 1755

Paid Francis Smith in cash £17, which sum he is to pay Messrs Margesson and Collison. I this day drew on them to Mr William Smith for £5.6.10 in full, 30 days’ date. Rec’d of Thomas Darby £3.12.0 on account. N.B: Yesterday paid the widow Cayley 4/- for 1 year’s rent due for Mrs Browne’s stable.

Friday, August 1 1755

Paid John Fitness 8/9 in full for 6 corn hooks. Paid for bread ½d. Between schooltime carried up to Thomas Fuller’s 6 lbs of 6d sugar. Went to Chiddingly after schooltime to look upon Mr Hicks’s wool. Bid him 6¾d per pound for it. Paid Francis Smith in cash 18/2, which with £12.7.0 sent him by his boy the 29th July is in all £13.5.2, which he paid for me in London, as under (to wit)

To Margesson & Co.                 £13.0.0

To Crowder & Co. in full           £0.5.2

In the evening went down to Halland to look upon Mr Coates’s wool, which was all West-Country, and because I would not give him 7d per pound for it he huffed me prodigiously.

Tuesday, July 15 1755

Sent Francis Smith by his boy £10 which he is to pay Mr John Crouch for me. Paid Master Elphick in cash 3/6 and in goods 6d, which together is 4/-, for bringing my hay from Framfield. Gave two of my scholars, for helping in with the hay, gingerbread value 2d. Paid for bread 2½d . At home all day. Mr Slater and Nanny came back from Lewes about 9:10. Mr Peter Martin called on me.