Wednesday, Febraury 22 1758

About 1:10 Mr French sent his servant with a horse for my wife, who accordingly went with him and dined at Mr French’s. Myself and family at home dined on the remains of Wednesday’s supper and a dish of cheap soup. Thomas Davy dined with us in order to taste our soup.

About 6:40 I walked down to Whyly, where we played at brag the first part of the evening; myself and wife won 0.1.2. About 10:20 we went to supper on 4 boiled chickens, 4 boiled ducks, some minced veal, sausages, cold roast goose, cold chicken pasty, cold ham, damson and gooseberry tarts, marmalade and raspberry puffs. Our company was Mr and Mrs Porter, Mr and Mrs Coates, Mrs Atkins, Mrs Hicks, Mr Piper and his wife, Joseph Fuller and his wife, Thomas Fuller and his wife, Dame Durrant, myself and wife and Mr French’s family.

After supper our behavior was far from that of serious, harmless mirth, for it was downright obstreperous mirth mixed with a great deal of folly and stupidity. Our diversion was dancing (or jumping about) without a violin or any music, singing of foolish and bawdy healths and more such-like stupidity, and drinking all the time as fast as could be well poured down. The parson of the parish was one among the mixed multitude all the time; so doubtless in point of sound divinity it was all harmless. But if conscience dictates right from wrong, as doubtless it sometimes does, mine is one that we may say is soon offended. For I must say I am always very uneasy at such behavior thinking it is not like the behaviour of the primitive Christians, which I imagine was most in conformity to our Saviour’s gospel. Nor would I on the other hand be thought to be either a cynic or a stoic, but let social improving discourse pass around the company. However, about 3:30, finding myself to have as much liquor as would do me good, I slipped away unobserved, leaving my wife to make my excuse, for sure it was rude, but still ill-manners are preferable to drunkenness (though I was far from being sober). However, I came home thank God very safe and well without ever tumbling or any other misfortune. Mr French’s servant brought my wife home about 5:10. I gave

French’s maid0.1.0
My wife do.0.0.6
Do. the man0.0.6