Saturday, February 25 1758

Paid Mr Ben Shelley by his servant 4/- for 2 salt cod he bought for me in London this week. Paid John Streeter 12d which he paid for mending my watch etc. We dined on a light pudding and some of the soup that was boiled on Wednesday last. At home all day except going down to Mr Porter’s with 2 salt fish, whom, when I went into the parlor, I found a-drinking of coffee, though he had not generosity or goodness enough to ask me to drink a dish with him. So one may see that the most profusest from home (that is, freest at other peoples’ houses) are the most abstemious at home, nay even as is now the case, to a degree of mean-spiritedness, or if there can be a worse name found, it deserves that.