Friday, February 6 1756

This was a day for a public fast and humiliation to implore the blessing of the Almighty on our fleets and armies and to beseech Him, of His infinite and unbounded goodness to spare our nation from the dreadful calamity of an earthquake which hath been lately in many places of the world. Lisbon and many other places in Africa have been entirely ruined and brought as it were to desolation, and some slight shocks have also been felt in this our happy nation, likewise in some of our northern colonies in America. My wife and I were both at church in the morning where we had an excellent sermon on the occasion (by the Rev Mr Thomas Porter,) from the 3rd verse, 18th Psalm: “And the overflowing of ungodliness made me afraid.” [sic]). He endeavored in a very earnest and pressing manner to show what reason we have to repent of our vicious course and to turn to the Lord, or else, as he says, how can we expect the favor of the Almighty to be more extensive upon this our isle than upon the Portuguese nation and other places which have suffered under this dreadful calamity. We likewise endeavored to prove that it is impossible for a king to govern a nation and keep his subjects in a steady course of virtue without the assistance of every individual. At church in the afternoon; there were only prayers. Lent Master Darby in cash (to wit, in silver) 2.2.0.