Wednesday, January 21 1756

At home all day. My brother and Mr Bowman dined with us. Mr Bowman stayed and smoked a pipe with me. Rec’d ½ bushel wheat of William Sinden. The Halland gardener cut my grape-vine and drank tea with us. Thomas Davy supped with us and he and I played at cribbage; I won 1d. I paid him 13d for my share of Martin’s Magazine; that is, 1d per piece over half price, on account of their being to be mine. Paid for milk ½d.

Friday, October 3 1755

Got up in the morning about 6 o’clock. Bought my Manchester goods at Mr Hook’s…. Paid Mr William English 10d for grinding 5 razors. Met with Mr George Beard at Lewes today. Paid for my horse 11d. Gave the maid 3d. Save the ostler 3d. Paid for ⅓ of a pint of wine and water 5d. Paid for 10 whitings 3d. Paid for the turnpike 2d. Came home about 1:40. Rec’d of William Sinden ½ bushel wheat. My brother dined with us