Saturday, July 12 1755

This day sold Mr Blackwell of Hawkhurst all my white rags at 27/- per hundred, and bought of him 12 couple of white pound and half-pound paper, 8 reams of midd[ling?] hand ditto at 4/-, 2 reams of brown cap and 1 ream of 2 lb ditto at 4/3. Paid Joseph Fuller 21d for a leg of mutton weight 6 lbs. Paid Mr Bulcock £3.7.8 in full for Messrs Masfen’s, the last parcel only excepted. He stayed and drank tea here. Paid Mrs Atkins in goods, 5/6, being in full for a crock of butter of 11 lbs which I sold for her. Paid for ½ lb butter and bread 3½ d. At home all day and very busy. Received of cooper Hammond 1 6-bushel bucking tub, £0.15.0.

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