Wednesday, July 23 1755

At home all day. Paid for bread 3½d, for butter 3d, for a sheep’s heart 1½d. Paid John Jenner at Hailsham, hatter, £1.16.0 (as under) for 3 hats at 18d, 3/6 and 4/-, received this day (to wit):

By balance of account 0.5.9½
By goods 0.18.2½
By cash   0.12.0

Gave him orders for 3 boys’ hats at 13 and 22d and 6 men’s at 2/- and 2/6. Rec’d of Dame Russell, wife of Ed Russell, 5/- in full for the heirs of Mr Thomas Thompsett deceased, as under:

Russell debtor to Thompsett 0.11.0
Thompsett dr. to Russell for ½ cord wood0.6.0

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