Monday, September 29 1755

Sent Mr Will Roase the bill I rec’d of John Cayley on Weeks (the 24th instant), value: 6.6.6, and likewise sent him my draft on Messrs Margesson and Collison… for £20, which makes together 26.6.6. Sent the aforementioned bills in a letter by George Richardson, who called on me in his way to Lewes. This day William Weller and Samuel Elphick came over to Hoathly and signed Samuel’s indentures, in which he is to serve 7 yrs from the 24th June 1754, but on a previous agreement he is to let him free at any time. Paid for bread ½d. Paid Nicholls in goods and money 8/- in full for 8 days’ work. Paid Master Bridgman 6d for a breast of lamb of 2½ lbs this day. Sent Mr John Crouch a bill on Messrs Margesson and Collison… value £10. My brother Moses came over in the afternoon and stayed all night.

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