Friday, November 7 1755

At home all day. Paid for bread 1d. Rec’d of William Sinden ½ bushel wheat. Rec’d of Joseph Fuller 1 leg of mutton 6¼ lbs, value 18½d. My brother Moses breakfasted with us. Paid for baking 1d. Mr Bulcock, Messrs Masfen’s rider, called on me. I paid him 7.9.0 by bill I drew on Messrs Margesson and Collison… in full except 1 parcel. I spent the evening at Jones’s in company with Mr Bulcock and Mr Minifie, partner with Mr James Jordan. Gave Mr Bulcock an order for 1 piece of yard wide at 31/-. Came home about 10:30. My uncle Hill called and stayed about 1 hour at my house. He was in liquor. Appointed with us to dine with him on Sunday the 23rd instant.

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