Monday, October 20 1755

Got up in the morning about 3 o’clock. Weighed of my rags; sent them by Smith’s cart to Waldron in order to go by Noakes the Wadhurst carrier to Loose, where I am to have 29/6 per cwt. I am to pay carriage. The weight was 6 cwt O qr 18 lbs, 9.1.9½. Very busy all day. Paid for bread 4d. Mr George Beard and my brother Moses and Mr Slater and Nanny Slater came to see us and dined with us. Mr Beard, Mr Slater and my brother went away about 5 o’clock. Rec’d of my brother in cash 5.5.0, which with 11.8.0 I am to receive of their wool money makes 16.13.0, which I am to pay Mr Thomas Calverley & Son in full for my mother. Sarah Mott drank tea here.

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