Saturday, October 25 1755

Paid for bread 3d. Rec’d of Mr James Shoesmith, by the payment of his son William, 16/5 in full to the 18th instant. Paid Mr William Piper… 5.6.1 in full for money paid to Messrs Margesson and Collison for my use by Messrs Swainstone & Hedges, being the money for which they sold 2 pockets of hops for Mr Piper, Nos. 1 & 2, weight 2 cwt 2 qr 16 lbs, sold at 42/- per cwt. Rec’d of Francis Smith in cash 5.5.4½, which with the money paid for me in London is in full for the £11 I gave him the 21st instant and with the 30.19.10½ he received in London for my mother’s and my wool makes together 41.19.10½. He paid Mr Calverley & Son on my mother’s account…

He paid Mr Calverley & Son on my mother’s account 16.13.0

On my account to Messrs Margesson & Co. 20.0.0

Rec’d today 5.5.4½

Paid for 3 sets of copies [copy-books?] 0.1.6

At home all day. Charles Diggens drank tea with us. Paid for baking meat ½d.

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