Friday, December 26 1755

About 11 o’clock my brother William came to see us and dined with us. After dinner I went down to Jones’s (it being a meeting of the parish for choosing of surveyors). The company there was J. French, T. and J. Fuller, Edward and Richard Hope, J. Watford and son, T. Reeve, J. Durrant, W. Rice, W. Piper, J. Burgess, J. Hutson, J. Cayley and Robert Hook. The surveyors chosen for the year 1756 were John Cayley and Robert Hook; the electioners [or alternate], Joseph Durrant and James Hutson. I stayed there about 2 hours; came home about 5:30. About 6:30 William Piper, T. and J. Fuller and P. Adams came in here from the parish meeting. Peter Adams, went away directly. Joseph Fuller went away about 7:30 very much in liquor. About 9:30 I went home with William Piper and Thomas Fuller as far as Mr Piper’s.

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