Monday, December 29 1755

Dr Snelling went away after breakfast. I paid him half a crown for cutting my seton and likewise am to pay John Jones for his [Dr Snelling’s] horse’s hay, oats etc. 18d, which together makes 4/-. Oh, could it have been imagined that he could have taken anything of me, considering that I paid him £39 for curing my wife, great part of which I paid him before he had it due, and all of it within 5 months after he had performed the cure! I always do and ever did use him after the best manner I was capable of when he was at our house. He was that man that never gave my servants anything, no, not even the meanest trifle that could be. Notwithstanding they always waited on him like as if they were his own servants. Oh, thou blackest of fiends, ingratitude, what an odious color and appearance dost thou make! Oh, may the most ever to be adored Supreme Excellency that sees and views all our most private and secret actions and even knows our most secret thoughts before we bring them into action guide me with his grace that I may never be guilty of that hateful crime, not even so much as to indulge an ungrateful thought!

George Richardson called on us in his way from Dallington to Lewes. I gave him a bill (on account of his master Mr John Madgwick) which I this day drew on Messrs Margesson and Collison… value 10.10.0. In the afternoon my wife went to Mrs Day’s. I went to her about 6:15. We stayed and supped there and played at cards; to wit, at whist, Mrs Day and my wife against Miss Day and myself, so of consequence we lost nothing. Came home about 2:05; we each of us gave the maid 6d. I gave Samuel Hammond 3d for his box.

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