Tuesday, December 23 1755

At home all day. Rec’d of William Sinden ½ bushel of wheat. In the afternoon my brother Moses brought me 2 cheeses. Mrs Fuller, wife of Joseph Fuller, drank tea with us. I gave a carter 3d for bringing a few things from Lewes. In the evening posted my day book. Wrote out Mr Xt. [Christopher] Coates’s bill amounting to 3.6.6¼; Mr Jeremiah French’s bill amounting to 31.15.4¾ and John Vine Jr’s bill amounting to 13.12.0¼… Reading the 135th number in The Guardian I find the following sayings of Plato very just (to wit): Being told he had many enemies who spoke ill of him, “‘Tis no matter,” said he, “I’ll live so that none shall believe ‘em.” Hearing, another time that an intimate friend of his had spoken detractingly of him “I am sure he would not do it,” says he, “if he had not some reason for it.” This is the surest as well as the noblest way of drawing the sting out of a reproach and a true method of preparing a man for that great and only relief against the pains of calumny, a good conscience… [54 words omitted]… Paid for butter 12d.

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