Friday, Jannuary 16 1756

At home all the fore part of the day. Mr Edward Relfe and Mr John Aliot of Lewes called on me, both in liquor. They stayed and drank 2 bottles of beer with us. In the evening went down to Halland to balance accounts with Mr Coates, but he was not at home. He came home while I was there — in liquor — so I came away without balancing accounts. When I came home, I found Mr John Collison at our house. We balanced accounts, and there remains due to Messrs Margesson and Collison 17.16.0 in full (the £20 which I owe them for Mr Samuel Virgoe excepted)… Paid for 6 cabbage nets 4d. Gave Grace Grover 3d for Mr John Barnard, which I agreed to on the 3 Jan., 1756. Mr Collison supped with us and stayed all night at our house.

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