Thursday, January 22 1756

…Paid Thomas Freeman (by the postmaster) 0.6.3, which is in full to this day and 9d more than I owe him, it being for 1 pair of creepers which I received and paid for on the 13th day of Dec. last, and the remainder (to wit 4/6) is in full for 6 pairs of women’s cloth pattens I received today by the postman. I paid John Cayley 3.9.6 in full to this day; to wit, for butter etc. as below:

For 39 lbs butter, 6d         0.19.6

Do. 92 do. 6½d               2.9.10

Do. for 1 new hoop            0.0.2½


This butter I sent to Mr John Wilson in Southover, and I received in return from Mr Wilson:

4O lbs shop thread            1.1.8

And by the bill I drew on Mr Wilson to Mr Collison on the 16th instant                 2.8.10½


which makes in full

for the above butter              3.9.6½

and for 1 new crock                O.1.0


At home all day. John Cayley smoked a pipe with me. In the evening read part of Tournefort’s Voyage into the Levant.

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